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Our platform groups together the analytical tools – and, more generally, all of the technical equipment – which enable the different services of the Scientific Direction Chemical and physical health risks to carry out their ‘routine’ activities as well as research. Our platform is therefore synonymous with greater efficiency, both at the technical and organisational level and financially.

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In order to remain at the cutting edge of progress, we regularly replace equipment that is obsolete or at the end of its lifetime (chromatographs1 and mass spectrometers 2) by the latest and best equipment. We then systematically adapt our analysis methods and train our employees in the proper use of this new equipment. Our training programmes are always running in a uniform manner, which ensures us that the equipment can be rapidly used and in a consistent and optimal way, while reducing the risk of breakdowns. This training requirements meet strict quality standards (BELAC, ISO 17025, EQQM) imposed by our clients (FASFC, FAMHP, FPS Public Health, etc.).

The optimal use of these working tools enables us to minimise the expenses related to the involvement of outside companies or maintenance contracts which are often expensive. Another advantage is that, when an intervention proves inevitable, these outside companies have a single contact person within the Scientific Direction, Chemical and physical health risks, capable of best describing the problem that requires their intervention.

1Analytical equipment enabling the separation and dosing of the individual components of a mixture 
2Equipment enabling components to be separated and identified according to their mass and electric charge


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