JA TERROR - Joint action to strengthen preparedness and response to biological and chemical terror attack

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Project duration:
May 1, 2021
April 30, 2024

In short

Joint action TERROR is a joint effort by health authorities in European countries to improve health preparedness and cross-sectoral cooperation in the event of a biological or chemical terror attack. Joint Action TERROR brings together 31 partners from 17 European countries.

Project description

Joint Action TERROR’s main objectives are to : 

  • address gaps in health preparedness 
  • strengthen cross-sectoral work with security, civil protection and health sectors 
    in response to biological and chemical terror attacks. 

Main outcomes of JA TERROR are : 

  • identified gaps and areas in health preparedness for improvement
  • improved collaboration between health, security and civil protection sectors at operational and strategic level
  • identified good practices and examples of systems and mechanisms for cross-sectoral and cross-border cooperation 
  • updated clinical and non-pharmaceutical management guidelines
  • guidance on risk and crisis communication
  • risk assessments on novel threat agents and guidance on health preparedness
  • improved preparedness on novel threats (DIY biology and DNA synthesis, synthetic opioids, dual-use). 


Sarah Cordero
Michel Van Geert
Valérie Velghe
Viviane Henry
Gino Claes
Nino Van Impe
Aurian Breuls De Tiecken
Barend Cochez
Hans De Neef

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