CanScreen-ECIS - Strengthening Cancer Screening data collection to update European Cancer Information System and improve quality and coverage of cancer screening programmes in Europe

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Project duration:
September 1, 2022
March 31, 2024

In short

The CanScreen-ECIS project aims to update the existing European Cancer Information System (ECIS) and improve the quality and coverage of cancer screening programmes in Europe.

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Project description

This European project supports the linking of data provided by the cancer screening programmes into the European Cancer Information System (ECIS) with a view to allowing the permanent monitoring of the screening programmes, including the performance indicators. The action consists in the collection of data from entities in the Member States that are responsible for collecting data on cancer screening. After, we provide this data to ECIS, and develop a piloting of the new ECIS functionality as well as a new separate section to ensure a permanent collection and monitoring of the coverage and performance indicators of population-based cancer screening across the European Union.

Within CanScreen-ECIS, Sciensano is co-leading the work packages (WP) 2 and 6. We support the refining of performance indicators by providing data on the latest triage strategies for HPV-positive women and risk-based selection & screening protocols (WP2). Further on we collaborate on a comprehensive list of contact points at the national and regional levels and a scientific article on cancer screening policies in Europe (WP6).



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Belgian partners


Work Packages (WP) Leading Partners, country
WP1 Project management & coordination IARC, France / co-lead: ECL, Belgium
WP2 Refining performance indicators Erasmus MC, Netherlands / Sciensano, Belgium
WP3 Developing a data submission portal compliant to relevant data protection regulations to report and disseminate cancer screening performance at EU level to be eventually hosted by ECIS CPO, Italy
WP4 Pilot testing functionalitites of the new data warehouse and web application to be integrated to ECIS IARC, France
WP5 Support capacity building of European states to ensure the contribution of cancer screening data to ECIS using new protocols and tools integrated to the programme monitoring in Member States CSF
WP6 Continued engagement with the EU Member States to report the status of implementation and performance of cancer screening programmes using the new functionalities of ECIS enabling publication of third EU Screening Report ) ECL, Belgium / co-lead: Sciensano, Belgium

EBCP Flagships
F22. Update the European Cancer Information System to monitor and assess cancer screening programmes. (link with the European Health Data Space and implementation the EU4Health Programme’s general objective of improving and fostering health in the Union (Article 3, point (a)) through the specific objectives defined in Article 4, points (a), (f) and (i) of Regulation (EU) 202⅕22.)

A1. Modern approach to cancer: new technologies, research and innovation at the service of patient-centred cancer prevention and care
A2. Saving lives through sustainable cancer prevention
A3. Improving early detection of cancer
A6. Reducing cancer inequalities across the EU

Link to Cancer Mission / recommendations
R3: Support the development and implementation of effective cancer prevention strategies and policies within Member States and the EU
R4: Optimise existing screening programmes and develop novel approaches for screening and early detection
R9: Achieve Cancer Health Equity in the EU across the continuum of the disease

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Technical information

EU project title EU4Health
Type of Action EU4H-PJG EU4H Project Grants
Budget  €2.767.051,03
Lead Coordinator IARC / Co-leader; ECL
Domain / Area Screening

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