BE EBCP - Belgian ‘Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan’ Mirror Group

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October 21, 2021
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In short

Cancer is a major societal challenge. Current projection is that, without strong action, the incidence will increase by a fifth by 2040, representing up to 5.323.141 cancer cases in Europe.  The European Commission (EC) wants to tackle cancer through two major initiatives:

Minister Frank Vandenbroucke has appointed the Cancer Centre to coordinate the implementation of the EBCP in Belgium in consultation with the Cabinet, the FPS Health and the National Health and Disability Insurance RIZIV/INAMI

Project summary

The Be-EBPC Mirror Group will involve Belgian policy organisations, professional groups, patient associations and scientific researchers, and industry. As coordinator, the CC will :

  • develop content
  • consult with Belgian partners and authorities
  • provide support 
  • link to other initiatives within Belgium and internationally. 

A standardized workflow will be deployed starting with the launch of Thematic Working Groups (TWGs). The following TWGs have been proposed:

  • Prevention
  • Early detection and Screening
  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Care and Care organisation (including palliative and psycho-social care)
  • Rehabilitation and socio-professional integration
  • Pediatric cancers
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Research
  • Transversal issue: Inequalities
  • Transversal issue: Quality of life

TWGs serve in an advisory capacity by identifying the EC’s proposals most relevant to address cancer needs and challenges in Belgium, and also by proposing relevant topics to include in future EU calls. Whereas some calls will be more a prerogative at federal level (i.e. Joint Actions are direct grants to EU-MS national competent authorities), others will be more relevant for research centres and agencies that concentrate expertise in specific domains (i.e. Action grants). The activities will be monitored by a steering group chaired by the Cancer Centre, with representatives from the Federal Ministry of Health, the RIZIV-INAMI and the services of the Federal Minister of Health. 

The expected results are:

  • better alignment of Belgium’s cancer policy aims, and field activities with EBCP 
  • systematic identification of funding opportunities for cancer research, care and control
  • optimized allocation of resources in a competitive and complex tendering environment 
  • uptake of interventions that reduce the cancer burden, and improve the care, survival, and quality of life of patients in Belgium.
  • strengthened collaborations amongst national cancer stakeholders and EU counterparts

Have a look on the Website (FR and NL) !

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