eCAN JA - EU Joint Action on strengthening eHealth including telemedicine and remote monitoring for health care systems for cancer prevention and care

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Project duration:
September 15, 2022
September 15, 2024

In short

The eCAN JA (EU Joint Action on strengthening eHealth including telemedicine and remote monitoring for health care systems for cancer prevention and care) involves 16 countries and 35 key partners working in public health institutes, universities, hospitals, cancer centres and patient associations across Europe. Over the course of this two-year project coordinated by Sciensano, the consortium will explore the impact of teleconsultation and telemonitoring by conducting multi-centric pilots in different populations of cancer patients. 
As the Belgian Institute for Health, Sciensano leads the Coordination Work Package, ensuring an effective management of all administrative and budgetary requirements.

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Project description

Across Europe, receiving a timely cancer diagnosis and/of surviving the disease differs considerably because of inequalities in preventive policies, access to state-of-the art diagnostics, treatments and care. The projection is that the number of diagnosed cancer cases may increase by a fourth by 2035. Therefore, the usage of telemedicine in healthcare has now even more been acknowledged as important in responding to epidemic situations, including the COVID-19 one. The exchange of best practices on the use of digital tools (such as online consultations and real-time clinical data exchange) could during cross-border emergencies and health crises provide assistance to individuals and patients living in remote and rural areas.

There is a need to harmonize telemedicine regulations and to explore the efficacy of teleconsultation programs and telemonitoring in the cancer field. The eCAN JA explores their role in two clinical trials focused on tele-rehabilitation and tele-psychological support in different populations of cancer patients (Breast Cancer, Head and Neck cancer and advanced cancer at recurrence) in 10 European countries. PREMs shall be monitored by dedicated telemonitoring systems, and a secure platform will provide dashboards for decision support enabling future AI applications.

The JA’s outputs will:

  • facilitate the development of modular/interoperable solutions that build on regional/national infrastructures
  • inform telemedicine services with a strong focus on users.

Lessons learned from the deployment of the intervention will inform mutual learning and knowledge exchange for better health system resilience and preparedness. The project aims to bring the benefits of eHealth to all citizens and patients across EU-Member States (MS) focusing on cancer prevention and care.



  • 35 partners
  • 16 countries


Work Package (WP) Leading insitute, Country
WP 1 Project management and coordination Sciensano, BE
WP 2 Communication Catalan Institute of Oncology, ES
WP 3 Evaluation Maria Skłodowska Curie National Research Institute of Oncology, PL
WP 4 Sustainability Austrian National Public Health Institute, AT
WP 5 Teleconsultation Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, IT
WP 6 Legal, ethical framework and cybersecurity Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, IT
WP 7 Telemonitoring National eHealth Authority, CY
WP 8 Stakeholder engagement, education and training 3rd Regional Health Authority, EL


  • A5. Improving the quality of life for cancer patients and survivor

Link to Cancer Mission / Recommendations

  • R8: Create a European Cancer Patient Digital Centre where cancer patients and survivors can deposit and share their data for personalised care
  • R12: Accelerate innovation and implementation of new technologies and create Oncology-focused Living Labs to conquer cancer
  • R13: Transform cancer culture, communication and capacity building

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Technical information

Work Programme EU4Health
Type of Action Joint Action
Budget €5M
Lead Coordinator Sciensano, BE
Domain / Area Diagnosis & Treatments, Care & Care organisations, Quality of Life

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