JANE - Joint Action on European Networks of Expertise

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Project duration:
November 1, 2022
November 30, 2024

In short

JANE is a Joint Action that will prepare the establishment of seven new EU Networks of Expertise in the cancer field in the following domains: personalised primary prevention; survivorship; palliative care; omic technologies; hi-tech medical resources; complex & poor-prognosis cancer(s); adolescents and young adults (15-39 years at cancer diagnosis) with cancer.

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Project description

The Joint Action has two goals:

  1. prepare everything necessary to launch the new Networks of Expertise (defining their missions and objectives, studying their design…)
  2. critically evaluate existing models of current and future EU networks, research infrastructures and platforms, in order to properly shape the new Networks of Expertise.

The project’s goal is to bring about the creation of 7 Networks of Expertise which will have to deliver services to the European cancer community to overcome some crucial oncology challenges. They involve patients, and integrate research and IT solutions into care. The final deliverable for each is a call for expressions of interest. These Networks of Expertise aim at improving EU cancer care networking by reaching out to all relevant (real-world) communities throughout the EU.

One Work Package is assigned to each Network of Expertise. Five Transversal Task Forces and one additional Work Package operate transversally to all the Work Packages, focusing on the following topics: sustainability; integration between EU networking and MSs; integration between information-technology infrastructures, including the use of artificial-intelligence tools; integration between health care and research; the ERN model; patient involvement.

JANE will have achieved its mandate if its sole deliverables, i.e. the new Networks of Expertise, become effective and sustainable in future years. This will be built on previous and ongoing EU networking experiences, especially the existing Expert Reference Networks (ERN) in the cancer field, and on finding solutions rooted in the European oncology community. The Joint Action will be followed by new EU calls dedicated to the implementation of these Networks of Expertise.

The Joint Action gathers 36 partners from 16 European countries. 



  • 16 countries
  • 35 partners

Belgian Partners


Work Packages (WP) & Transversal Task Force (TTF) Leading Institute, Country
WP1 Coordination  INT, Italy 
WP2 Communication and dissemination NHRF, Greece
WP3 Evaluation CIPH, Hungary
WP4 Sustainability KRONIKGUNE, Spain
WP5 NoE — Complex & poor-prognosis cancers MSCI, Poland
WP6 NoE — Palliative care  OUS, Norway
WP7 NoE — Survivorship  MSCI, Poland
WP8 NoE — Personalized primary prevention IOCN, Romania
WP9 NoE — Omics technologies  Sciensano, Belgium
WP10 NoE — Hi-tech medical resources  INCa, France
WP11 NoE — AYA (adolescents and young adults) INT, Italy
TTF1 Integration between health care and research  KROKINGUNE, Spain 
TTF2 Integration between EU networking and Member States IOCN, Romania
TTF3 Integration between IT infrastructures and AI tool  OUS, Norway
TTF4 The ERN modem  INCa, France
TTF5 Patient Empowerment Sciensano, Belgium

Sciensano is involved in the following Work Packages: WP7, WP8, WP9 (leader), WP10, WP11, TTF5 (leader)

EBCP Flagships

  • F5. EU Network linking recognised National Comprehensive Cancer Centres in all Member States by 2005


  • A1. Modern approach to cancer: new technologies, research and innovation at the service of patient-centred cancer prevention and care
  • A4. Ensuring access to high standards in cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • A5. Improving the quality of life for cancer patients and survivors
  • A6. Reducing cancer inequalities across the eu
  • A7. Putting childhood cancer under the spotlight

Link to Cancer Mission / recommendations

  • R10: Set up a network of Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures within and across all EU Member States to increase quality of research and care
  • R12: Accelerate innovation and implementation of new technologies and create Oncology-focused Living Labs to conquer cancer
  • R13: Transform cancer culture, communication and capacity building

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Technical information

Work Program EU4Health
Type of Action Joint Action
Budget €4M 
Lead Coordinator INT, Italy
Domain / Area ERN: prevention, diagnosis, treatment,survivorship, palliative care

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