Beta-cell, thyroid, gastric, adrenal and coeliac autoimmunity and HLA-DQ types in type 1 diabetes22

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The autoimmune attack in type 1 diabetes is not only targeted to beta cells. We assessed the prevalence of thyroid peroxidase (aTPO), parietal cell (PCA), antiadrenal (AAA) and endomysial antibodies (EmA-IgA), and of overt autoimmune disease in type 1 diabetes, in relation to gender, age, duration of disease, age at onset, beta-cell antibody status (ICA, GADA, IA2A) and HLA-DQ type. Sera from 399 type 1 diabetic patients (M/F: 188/211; mean age: 26 +/- 16 years; duration: 9 +/- 8 years) were tested for ICA, PCA, AAA and EmA-IgA by indirect immunofluorescence, and for IA2A (tyrosine phosphat…

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