Cross-reactivity of antibodies in some commercial deoxynivalenol test kits against some fusariotoxins.

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Cross-reactivity of antibodies in AGRAQUANT, DON EIA, VERATOX, ROSA LF-DONQ, and MYCONTROLDON designed for deoxynivalenol (DON) determination in food and feedstuffs was evaluated against nivalenol, 3-acetylDON, 15-acetylDON, de-epoxy metabolite 1 of DON, DON-3β-glucoside, T2-toxin, HT2-toxin, fusarenone X, diacetoxyscirpenol, verrucarol, and zearalenone. Cross-reactivity measurements were run in water using the 50% reduction of absorbance of the blank for ELISA kits or through direct DON determination upon using the standards of mycotoxins via ROSA LF-DONQ or MYCONTROLDON. For the tested to…

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