Epidemiology of COVID-19 mortality in Belgium from wave 1 to wave 7 (March 2020 – 11 September 2022)

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Based on the epidemiological surveillance of COVID-19 mortality, the observations on the first seven waves combined of the epidemic in Belgium (01/03/2020 – 11/09/2022) are as follows: Waves 66.8% of the COVID-19 deaths occurred during the first two waves of the epidemic. In absolute numbers, most deaths took place in wave 2 due to its length, but the highest peak of weekly COVID-19 deaths was observed during wave 1 (1,985 deaths during week 15 2020). Age and sex 91.8% of the COVID-19 deaths were 65 years and older. The median age of COVID-19 deaths was 84 years old an…

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