Four new SYBR®Green qPCR screening methods for the detection of Roundup Ready(r), LibertyLink(r), and CryIAb traits in genetically modified products362

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SYBR(r)Green qPCR methods for the detection of the Roundup Ready (r) “CP4-EPSPS”, LibertyLink (r) “PAT” and “BAR” and the Bacillus thuringiensis “CryIAb” traits as present in genetically modified organisms (GMO) were developed. Their specificity, sensitivity, and PCR method efficiency were determined. All methods are specific and generate amplicons of 108, 73, 109, and 69 bp, respectively, for “CP4-EPSPS”, “CryIAb”, “PAT” and “BAR” targets. They perform well at low target levels and can detect down to 5 copies of their respective targets extracted from a sample. The PCR efficiency of the me…

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