The Isolation of Culturable Bacteria in Ticks of a Belgian Peri-Urban Forest Uncovers Opportunistic Bacteria Potentially Important for Public Health.

Last updated on 14-1-2022 by Wesley Van Dessel

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Most bacteria found in ticks are not pathogenic to humans but coexist as endosymbionts and may have effects on tick fitness and pathogen transmission. In this study, we cultured and isolated 78 bacteria from 954 ticks collected in 7 sites of a Belgian peri-urban forest. Most isolated species were non-pathogenic environmental microorganisms, and were from the Firmicutes (69.23%), Actinobacteria (17.95%) and Proteobacteria (3.84%) phyla. One bacterium isolate was particularly noteworthy, , a rare opportunistic bacterium, naturally resistant to various antibiotics. It has never been isolated f…

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