In ovo treatment with an aromatase inhibitor masculinizes postnatal hormone levels, abdominal fat pad content, and GH pulsatility in broiler chickens.

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Vorozole, a selective aromatase inhibitor, was administered in ovo to test the specific embryonic role of estrogen in conferring the sex distinction in GH release and body phenotype in broilers. On Day 6 of incubation, eggs were injected with saline or with different concentrations of vorozole. Postnatal blood samples were analyzed for T3, T4, GH, estradiol (E2), and testosterone (T). At the age of 4 wk, control and vorozole-treated birds were cannulated, and serial blood samples were withdrawn every 10 min for 5 hr, wherein GH pulsatility characteristics were determined using deconvolution…

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