Vaccination with plasmid DNA encoding mycobacterial antigen 85A stimulates a CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell epitopic repertoire broader than that stimulated by Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv infection.

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Vaccination of mice with plasmid DNA carrying the gene for the major secreted mycobacterial antigen 85A (Ag85A) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a powerful technique for generating robust specific Thl helper T-cell responses, CD8+-mediated cytotoxicity, and protection against M. tuberculosis challenge (K. Huygen et al., Nat. Med. 2:893-898, 1996). We have now analyzed in more detail the antigen-specific immune CD4+- and CD8+-T-cell responses induced in BALB/c mice vaccinated with Ag85A DNA and have compared these responses to those generated by intravenous infection with M. tuberculosis. …

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