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Initial Neutralising Antibody Response on Day 14 after a ONE DAY Intradermal Rabies Pre-exposure Vaccination Schedule: Preliminary Data of 144 subjects.

Conference of the International Society for Travel Medicine (CISTM), NA, Issue The International Society of Travel Medicine, NA (2015) Keywords: a antibodies Antibody conference data International intradermal ...

Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV)- Seroprevalence study for TBEV antibodies in bovine sera in Belgium: a risk-based screening

Source: Epizone, NA, Issue Epizone, NA (2013) Keywords: a antibodies Antibody Belgium SCREENING serum study TBEV VIRUS Health Topics:  Health and disease monitoring Surveillance de la santé et des maladies ...

Tick-borne encephalitis virus- seropositive cattle in Belgium: a risk-based screening for (TBEV) antibodies in bovine sera

Source: MedVetNet Association International Scientific Conference 2013, Issue Technical University of Denmark, Number 49, p.49- 49 (2013) Keywords: a antibodies Antibody association Belgium Cattle ...

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