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Characterization and risk identification of falsified medicines and adulterated dietary supplements

underestimated problem is the Herbal adulteration of Plant Food Supplements (PFS) and herbal or traditional medicines. Our service works on the innovative application of chromatographic fingerprints, combined with ...

Intake of food supplements based on algae or cyanobacteria may pose a health risk due to elevated concentrations of arsenic species.

Keywords: Arsenic Food Supplements Speciation Abstract: Despite the health benefits of food supplements (FS) based on algae or cyanobacteria, the elevated arsenic (As) concentrations in these FS may raise ...

Citrinin Determination in Food and Food Supplements by LC-MS/MS: Development and Use of Reference Materials in an International Collaborative Study

4 (2021) Keywords: Citrinin food Food Supplements Ginkgo biloba LC-MS/MS method validation study red yeast rice reference materials Abstract: The development of incurred reference materials containing ...

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