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Cancer control in Belgium

The Cancer centre of Sciensano was created in 2008 in the framework of the national cancer plan set up by the Belgian Federal government. We pursue three principal objectives : to provide monitoring and evaluation of the policy relating to cancer in Belgium, to draw up new measures for cancer control and, finally, to act as a consultative scientific body in the field of cancer control.

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We work in close collaboration with all existing institutions and organisations in the field of cancer, both in Belgium and abroad. We ensure a good transfer of information and knowledge to these participants, in order to avoid double work and to guarantee an effective use of the available resources.

We also play the role of scientific advisory body. We keep track of what is ongoing in the field of cancer control and report on a regular basis. We carry out evaluations on the basis of scientific and pragmatic indicators, which enable us to show the effects of specific measures in the field. 

We identify gaps or needs and to formulate SMART proposals for future measures. We supports or manages pilot projects to address the best conditions to implement such proposals.

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