Transmission electron microscopy analysis request

Sciensano conducts various electron microscopic analyses using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). These include the identification of nanomaterials according to the EC definition (2011/ 696/ EU), the detailed characterization of nanomaterials as part of risk assessments, classification and toxicological evaluation and characterization of virus-like particles.

TEM analyses provided for identification and characterisation of nanomaterials

  • sample preparation (dispersion) of powder samples:
    • NANoREG protocol
    • Guiot & Spalla protocol
    • Tailor-made sample preparation
  • PTA analysis of nanomaterials in a stable dispersion
  • DLS analysis of nanomaterials in a stable dispersion
  • Zeto potential measurement of nanomaterials in a stable dispersion
  • Preparation of TEM specimen and descriptive TEM characterisation (assuming stable dispersion)
  • Advanced TEM characterisation
    • Quantitative
      • TEM characterisation of aggregates / agglomerates (image recording and analysis)
      • TEM characterisation of primary particles (image recording and analysis)
    • Diffraction
      • Crystal structure (powder electron diffraction)

TEM analyses provided for characterisation of virus-like particles (VLPs)

Human and veterinary vaccines

  • visualization with TEM of the negatively stained VLPs in dispersion and of potential contaminants in representative and selected micrographies
  • description of the morphology of the observed VLPs
  • rough estimate of the number of VLPs based on the number of VLPs per surface of the EM grid

Jan Mast for further information and prices or if you are interested in similar analyses that are not listed here. We may well have a solution for you.

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