High-risk groups

Taking antibiotics favours bacteria's resistance to them. Antibiotics are very useful medicines. To maintain their effectiveness, they have to be used correctly and only when necessary. Antibiotics are not effective against flu, bronchitis or colds. 

People with a weakened immune system 

Anyone can be a carrier of resistant bacteria. But people who are fragile, old or who have a weakened immune system are particularly exposed to the risk of developing an infection:

  • old people
  • people with renal insufficiency
  • people infected with HIV
  • people with cancer
  • people with an autoimmune or metabolic disease, diabetes, etc.
  • people who have received an organ transplant or graft.

Sciensano is the reference body in Belgium for the surveillance of antimicrobial resistance. Our activities include surveillance and surveys, as well as antimicrobial susceptibility testing in bacterial and fungal isolates originating from humans, animals and the environment (e.g. foodstuffs). 

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