Type-2 diabetes is the most widespread kind. Its onset may be delayed or avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle (healthy nutrition, physical exercise and weight watching). Type-1 diabetes, on the other hand, cannot be prevented.

Diabetes in Belgium

The figures concerning diabetes in Belgium have limitations and are incomplete.

Diabetes is studied only in very specific cases (care pathways, agreements), but as yet no global records are kept concerning the prevalence and treatment of diabetes.

According to Sciensano, in 2014, the prevalence of diabetes in Belgium was estimated at 6.33% (people over the age of 15 years).

It is thought that of patients suffering from Type-2 diabetes in Belgium are unaware of the fact. The prevalence of diabetes in Belgium is therefore probably much higher.

Diabetes throughout the world

According to WHO

  • in 2014 diabetes affects about 422 million people in the world
  • Type-2 diabetes represents 90% of diabetes world-wide
  • 2,6% of cases of blindness in the world can be attributed to diabetes
  • the WHO forecasts that in 2030 diabetes will be the 7th highest cause of death in the world.


Sciensano measures the prevalence of diabetes in the population and monitors the quality of care given to diabetic patients with the aim of improving it.

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