The omnipresence of electrical appliances in everyday life is cause for concern. To date, no scientific study has been able to demonstrate harmful effects due to non-ionizing electromagnetic fields. Some studies have revealed statistical correlations, without, however, being able to explain the link between cause and effect. If in doubt, apply the precautionary principle.

Radiotherapy: waves to treat cancer

Ionizing radiation can be used to destroy cancer cells as part of certain treatments for cancer.

The rays used in radiotherapy are however carcinogen and increase the risk of radiation-induced cancer. 

Treatment for nuclear radiation 

In case of nuclear radiation, iodine tablets may be issued to prevent the concentration of radionuclides (atoms that emit radiation because their nucleus is unstable) in the thyroid.

Sciensano is a member of the Superior Health Council and advises on the risks associated with mobile communication and other types of non-ionizing radiation, in particular radio frequencies.


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