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At Sciensano, the BCCM/IHEM fungal collection preserves more than 15,000 different strains of molds and yeasts of bio-medical interest. Apart from the BCCM/IHEM collection, the Mycology and Aerobiology division focuses on molds that have an impact on human health. For example, our hospital environment surveys help prevent nosocomial mycosis.

The BCCM/IHEM fungal collection is focused on species of medical and veterinary interest, allergenic species and species producing mycotoxins. Strains are available for research and industry. In the context of human or animal health, any identification study or mycological analysis request can be sent to the Mycology and Aerobiology division. The unit Indoor mycology can conduct microbial surveys in the indoor environment to identify potential causes of health problems.

Sciensano’s Mycology and Aerobiology division is also responsible for the surveillance of scalp ringworm in children, organizes ‘ring-tests’ and has recognized expertise in the field of dermatophytes.

The Belgian Aerobiological Surveillance Network (AirAllergy) continuously monitors the levels of allergenic spores emitted by certain moulds.

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