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Air pollution consists of a mixture of various toxic substances including “particulate matter”, a pollutant considered to be one of the most harmful to human health.

What does Sciensano do?

The “Risk and health impact assessment” service of Sciensano examines the relationship between human health and air quality, taking into account the simultaneous impact of weather conditions and socio-economic factors.

To do so, we:

  • analyses existing databases
  • sets up epidemiological studies
  • develops various biomarkers of exposure and effect

Sciensano works hand in hand with the different regional units specialised in the field of the environment. In Belgium, each region has a network of measuring stations operated by:

The Belgian Interregional Environment Agency (IRCL — CELINE) oversees the regional units.


Sciensano headed up the BRUXAIR project, designed to study the short-term effects of air pollution on human health. This work was mainly based on the analysis of daily correlations between atmospheric pollutant concentrations and sales of asthma medication.

Sciensano is currently working on the IMPASTRA project, a pilot study conducted in collaboration with Brussels Environment to assess the exposure of a group of people to air pollution and its effects on health. It is based on the use of individual measuring devices, questionnaires and biomarkers.

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