LNE-2014-2022 - Expert Support for the assessment of applications for certificates of conformity, the monitoring of technological developments and research into health effects on wireless technology

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Project duration:
February 3, 2014
June 30, 2024

In short

The study comprises expert support to the Flemish government for the assessment of different aspects of wireless technology. One of these is reviewing scientific literature for reports on the (lack of) potential human health effects of radiofrequency radiations (as from mobile phone technologies). Sciensano is responsible for the review of the in vitro and in vivo studies and a critical discussion thereof.

Project description

This project aims at providing expert advices on different aspects of radiofrequency (RF) applications, including technical, biological and legislative aspects:

  • Demand-driven expert advice for evaluations of certificates of conformity when standard assessment is not possible (e.g. certain fixed transmitting antennas)
  • Expert advice on the development of new wireless technologies and applications
  • Expert advice on research related to the possible health effects of RF radiation
  • Answers to questions on all aspects of non-ionising radiation
  • Testing simulations (e.g. by measurements) that occur at the request of a conformity with the real exposure

In this projects, Sciensano collaborates with Ghent University/IMEC INTEC-WAVES and Ghent University/Public Health. The participation of Sciensano is focussed on a screening of the scientific literature on in vitro and in vivo studies of possible human health effects of RF-radiations. To this extent, we use common search engines, such as PubMed, as well as more specialised data bases such as EMFPortal. A summary report of published studies is posted every three months on the LNE website.

Added value at scientific level

By following up the scientific literature on wireless technologies and devices, we will be able to better execute other ongoing projects within the Risk assessment unit (BBEMG and ExpoComm projects, Advice to the authorities…), to increase our involvement in other councils or committees and to draft new project proposals.

Added value for public health

Today, many concerns regarding wireless technologies and devices (GSM, smartphone, wifi, etc.) still exist among the general public and the authorities due to the remaining uncertainty about their possible health risks. By reviewing the scientific literature related to this topic on a regular basis, Sciensano scientists stay up to date with the latest developments in the field and can adequately inform the public (via the LNE website). 

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Els De Waegeneer
Lutgart Braeckman
Wout Joseph
Wout Joseph

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