The bacteriophage LUZ24 "Igy" peptide inhibits the Pseudomonas DNA gyrase.

Last updated on 3-1-2022 by Pieter-Jan Ceyssens

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The bacterial DNA gyrase complex (GyrA/GyrB) plays a crucial role during DNA replication and serves as a target for multiple antibiotics, including the fluoroquinolones. Despite it being a valuable antibiotics target, resistance emergence by pathogens including Pseudomonas aeruginosa are proving problematic. Here, we describe Igy, a peptide inhibitor of gyrase, encoded by Pseudomonas bacteriophage LUZ24 and other members of the Bruynoghevirus genus. Igy (5.6 kDa) inhibits in vitro gyrase activity and interacts with the P. aeruginosa GyrB subunit, possibly by DNA mimicry, as i…

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