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Aloe Emodin Reduces Phthiodiolone Dimycocerosate Potentiating Vancomycin Susceptibility on Mycobacteria, Céline, Rens, Ceyssens Pieter-Jan, Françoise Laval, Lefèvre Philippe, Mathys Vanessa, Daffé Mamadou, and Véronique Fontaine , Indian Journal of Microbiology, Apr-05-2018, (2018)
Evaluation of Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria identification with maldi-tof mass spectrometry by applying sonication: a multicenter study, group, EU Mycobacter, Van den Bossche An, and Ceyssens Pieter-Jan , ECCMID 2018, 04/2018, Issue ESCMID, Madrid, Spain, (2018)
The Magistral Phage., Pirnay, Jean-Paul, Verbeken Gilbert, Ceyssens Pieter-Jan, Huys Isabelle, De Vos Daniel, Charlotte Ameloot, and Alan Fauconnier , Viruses, Volume 10, Issue 2, (2018)
Preparing cDNA Libraries from Lytic Phage-Infected Cells for Whole Transcriptome Analysis by RNA-Seq., Blasdel, Bob, Ceyssens Pieter-Jan, and Lavigne Rob , Methods Mol Biol, 2018, Volume 1681, Issue 1681, Number 1941, (2018)
Rapid detection of tetracycline resistance in bovine Pasteurella multocida isolates by MALDI Biotyper antibiotic susceptibility test rapid assay (MBT-ASTRA)., Van Driessche, Laura, Jade Bokma, Gille Linde, Ceyssens Pieter-Jan, Sparbier Katrin, Haesebrouck Freddy, Deprez Piet, Boyen Filip, and Pardon Bart , Sci Rep, 2018 Sep 11, Volume 8, Issue 1, (2018)
RNA-based drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Van den Bossche, An, Rigouts Leen, Jean-Yves Coppee, Mathys Vanessa, and Ceyssens Pieter-Jan , Combating resistance : microbes and vectors, 16/11/2018, Issue Institute Pasteur, Paris, France, (2018)
RNA-based drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Van den Bossche, An, Roby Bhattacharyya, Jean-Yves Coppee, Leen Rigouts, Alain Baulard, Deborah Hung, Mathys Vanessa, and Ceyssens Pieter-Jan , 39th Annual Congress of the European Society of Mycobacteriology , 07/2018, Issue ESM, Dresden, Germany, (2018)