Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus Prevalence in Sheep, Wild Boar and Ticks in Belgium.

Last updated on 31-7-2023 by Nick De Regge

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Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) is the most important tick-borne zoonotic virus in Europe. In Belgium, antibodies to TBEV have already been detected in wildlife and domestic animals, but up-to-date prevalence data for TBEV are lacking, and no studies have assessed its seroprevalence in sheep. Serum samples of 480 sheep from all over Belgium and 831 wild boar hunted in Flanders (northern Belgium) were therefore screened for TBEV antibodies by ELISA and plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT), respectively. The specificity of positive samples was assessed by PRNTs for TBEV and the Lo…

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