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Nutritional Modeulators of Pain in the Aging Population, Deconinck, Eric , Illegal Adulterations of (Traditional) herbal Medicines and Dietary Supplements for the treatment of pain, 2017, Volume 298, Number 86, London, UK, p.12, (2017)
Trend analysis suggested a change in subspecies among isolated from pigs in Belgium, 1967-2013., Duytschaever, L, Denoël J, Roupie V, Smeets F, Bruffaerts N, Huygen K, Fretin D, Diels M, Rigouts L, Saegerman C, et al. , Vet Rec, 2017 05 06, Volume 180, Issue 18, p.449, (2017)
Chance and necessity revisited., de Duve, Christian , Cell Mol Life Sci, 2007 Dec, Volume 64, Issue 24, (2007)

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