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Analysis of PPD and ESAT-6 specific IFN-gamma responses before and after single intradermal skin test in experimentally M. bovis infected and uninfected cattle, Roupie, V, Alonso-Velasco E, Van Der Heyden S, Duytschaever L, Van Dosselaer I, Govaerts M., Van campe, Roels S., and Huygen K , 0/0/2015, Brussel, p.6, (2015)
Analysis of the virulence and immunogenicity of porcine and human M. avium ssp. hominissuis isolates in an experimental mouse model. , Bruffaerts, Nicolas, Vluggen Christelle, Duytschaever L, Denoel J., Wattiez R., Letesson J.J., Mathys Vanessa, Roupie V, Fretin David, Saegerman C., et al. , European Symposium on Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria, 0/0/2015, Issue Research Center Borstel, (2015)
In silico epitope analysis of unique and membrane associated proteins from Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis for immunogenicity and vaccine evaluation., Carlos, Perla, Roupie V, Holbert Sébastien, Ascencio Felipe, Huygen Kris, Gomez-Anduro Gracia, Branger Maxime, Reyes-Becerril Martha, and Angulo Carlos , J Theor Biol, 2015 Nov 07, Volume 384, p.1-9, (2015)
Serologic screening for 13 infectious agents in roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) in Flanders., Tavernier, Paul, Sys Stanislas U., De Clercq Kris, De Leeuw Ilse, Cay Ann Brigitte, De Baere Miet, De Regge Nick, Fretin David, Roupie V, Govaerts Marc, et al. , Infect Ecol Epidemiol, 2015, Volume 5, p.29862, (2015)