Infectious diseases in animals

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Detecting, identifying, preventing and treating infectious diseases

Our scientific department ensures the rapid identification and characterization of the main known and emerging animal and zoonotic pathogens. We also provide advice as part of the control policy and develop and validate the tools needed to put in place strategies to control these pathogens. 
Our scientific department performs the functions of a national reference laboratory (NRL) for the Belgian federal authorities (FASFC, FPS) and for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We also coordinate and communicate with our various partners. 

The NRLs perform a threefold task of service, research and expertise for the Belgian authority. Some of these diseases are epizootic (or exotic), for which only Sciensano can make a diagnosis in Belgium. Besides this, there are several enzootic diseases for which Sciensano has been designated NRL and for which the first-line diagnosis is made at ARSIA. Currently, our scientific department is the reference laboratory for about twenty viral diseases, about fifteen bacterial diseases (for two of which it is the national reference center) as well as for transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs, or prion diseases) and diseases of bees. 

Finally, the authorities also expect Sciensano to prepare for and respond to emerging diseases, and to be a reference in the field of veterinary antibiotic resistance. Our activities, which are essential for the successful completion of reference tasks and the maintenance of expertise, are not financed by the FASFC but integrate fully with our mission as a research institute. These are mainly financed by the FPS Public Health, Food Chain Safety and the Environment and/or by the national (Belspo) or international (essentially the European Union) research bodies.

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