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Sciensano hosts the Belgian reference laboratory for the analysis of nanomaterials in food and feed. We rely on our growing expertise in the physicochemical characterisation of nanomaterials used in cosmetics, medicine, consumer products and in the environment.
In collaboraton with European and Belgian partners, Sciensano has developed, evaluated and validated a combination of technically advanced methodologies required for the identification and characterisation of nanoparticles in a regulatory context demanding the highest quality levels:

  • The identification of nanomaterials defines whether a specific material qualifies as a nanomaterial and determines among others whether a particular risk analysis is legally required
  • The measurement of the physicochemical characteristics of nanoparticles is essential, as it is a first input for risk assessment. Important properties include the chemical composition, size, size distribution, shape, specific surface area, aggregation and agglomeration state, crystal structure, and the structure of the particle surface

Sciensano offers characterisation services and supports its stakeholders and third parties. We contribute to develop, implement and control a policy geared towards a safe application of nanotechnologies in different domains. We share our methods with international standardisation organisations and with the scientific community.

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