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Gender‐dependent association between exhaled nitric oxide and the CC16 38AA genotype in young school children, Nauwelaerts, S., Roosens Nancy, De Cremer Koen, Bernard Alfred, and De Keersmaecker Sigrid , Immunity, Inflammation and Disease, Jun-08-2020, (2020)
A genoserotyping system for a fast and objective identification of Salmonella serotypes commonly isolated from poultry and pork food sectors in Belgium., Gand, Mathieu, Mattheus Wesley, Roosens Nancy, Katelijne Dierick, Marchal Kathleen, Bertrand Sophie, and De Keersmaecker Sigrid , Food Microbiol, 2020 Oct, Volume 91, (2020)
Perceived utility and feasibility of pathogen genomics for public health practice: a survey among public health professionals working in the field of infectious diseases, Belgium, 2019, Van Goethem, Nina, Struelens Marc J., De Keersmaecker Sigrid, Roosens Nancy, Robert Annie, Quoilin Sophie, Van Oyen Herman, and Devleesschauwer Brecht , BMC Public Health, Jan-12-2020, Volume 20, Issue 1, (2020)
Selection of a Noninvasive Source of Human DNA Envisaging Genotyping Assays in Epidemiological Studies: Urine or Saliva?, Nauwelaerts, S., Dirk Van Geel, Delvoye Maud, De Cremer Koen, Bernard Alfred, Roosens Nancy, and De Keersmaecker Sigrid , Journal of Biomolecular Techniques : JBT, Jan-04-2020, Volume 31, Issue 1, (2020)
Use of Whole Genome Sequencing Data for a First in Silico Specificity Evaluation of the RT-qPCR Assays Used for SARS-CoV-2 Detection., Gand, Mathieu, Kevin Vanneste, Thomas Isabelle, Van Gucht Steven, Arnaud Capron, Herman Philippe, Roosens Nancy, and De Keersmaecker Sigrid , Int J Mol Sci, 2020 Aug 04, Volume 21, Issue 15, (2020)