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Détermination de la teneur en iode dans des algues marines par ICP-MS, Raphaëlle, De Cruyenaere, , and Ruttens Ann , Brussels, (2019)
Estimation of the Uncertainties Related to the Measurement of the Size and Quantities of Individual Silver Nanoparticles in Confectionery., Waegeneers, Nadia, Sandra De Vos, Verleysen Eveline, Ruttens Ann, and Mast Jan , Materials (Basel), 2019 Aug 22, Volume 12, Issue 17, (2019)
Host and environmental determinants of placental iodine concentrations, Y., Neven, Kristof, Cox Bianca, Wilfried Gyselaers, Joris Penders, Michelle Plusquin, Karen Vrijens, Ruttens Ann, and Nawrot T. , 31st annual conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE 2019), 2019 aug 28, (2019)
Human biomonitoring for gardeners exposed to contaminated soils in Liège, Patrick, Maggi, Jérome Petit, Pirard Catherine, Charlier Corinne, Ruttens Ann, Esther Goidts, Gosselin Pol, and Suzanne Remy , 11th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring in Occupational and Environmental Health (ISBM-11) , 2019 aug 30, (2019)
LECAHUNT_Lood contaminatie in vlees van groot wild, Nkenda, Régis, Waegeneers Nadia, and Ruttens Ann , 2019, (2019)
SPECENZYM : A project to study the purity of food enzymes, M, Deckers, K Vanneste, S Denayer, Sigrid De Keersmaeck, , , , , , , et al. , 2019, (2019)
Study on the lead and cadmium contamination in big game meat: Interim Scientific Report, Waegeneers, Nadia, Ruttens Ann, J. Vercammen, S. Devisscher, F. Huysentruyt, J. Casaer, and C. Marien , 2019, (2019)
Is there too much lead in Belgian big game meat?, Ruttens, Ann, Casaer Jim, C. Marien, A. Rutten, and Waegeneers Nadia , IMEKO FOODS, Tervuren, Belgium, sep 2019, (2019)