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Complete Genome Sequence of the Lumpy Skin Disease Virus Isolated from the First Reported Case in Greece in 2015, Agianniotaki, Eirini I., Mathijs Elisabeth, Vandenbussche Frank, Tasioudi Konstantia E., Haegeman Andy, Iliadou Peristera, Chaintoutis Serafeim C., Dovas Chrysostomos I., Van Borm S., Chondrokouki Eleni D., et al. , Genome Announcements, Aug-07-2018, Volume 5, Issue 29, (2017)
Correction for Mathijs et al., Complete Genome Sequences of the Neethling-Like Lumpy Skin Disease Virus Strains Obtained Directly from Three Commercial Live Attenuated Vaccines, Mathijs, Elisabeth, Vandenbussche Frank, Haegeman Andy, King Alasdair, Nthangeni Bethuel, Potgieter Christiaan, Maartens Louis, Van Borm S., and De Clercq Kris , Genome Announcements, Sep-02-2017, Volume 5, Issue 6, (2017)
Detection and Molecular Characterization of Foot and Mouth Disease Viruses from Outbreaks in Some States of Northern Nigeria 2013-2015., Ehizibolo, D O., Haegeman Andy, De Vleeschauwer Annebel, Umoh J U., Kazeem H M., Okolocha E C., Van Borm S., and De Clercq Kris , Transbound Emerg Dis, 2017 Dec, Volume 64, Issue 6, p.1979-1990, (2017)
Development and validation of a TaqMan probe-based real-time PCR method for the differentiation of wild type lumpy skin disease virus from vaccine virus strains., Agianniotaki, Eirini I., Chaintoutis Serafeim C., Haegeman Andy, Tasioudi Konstantia E., De Leeuw Ilse, Katsoulos Panagiotis-Dimitrios, Sachpatzidis Achilleas, De Clercq Kris, Alexandropoulos Thomas, Polizopoulou Zoe S., et al. , J Virol Methods, 2017 Nov, Volume 249, p.48-57, (2017)
A dose-escalation study of combretastatin A4-phosphate in healthy dogs., Abma, E, Smets P, Daminet S, Cornelis I, De Clercq Kris, Ni Y, Vlerick L, and de Rooster H , Vet Comp Oncol, 2017 Jun 16, (2017)
Foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype SAT1 in cattle, Nigeria., Ehizibolo, D O., Haegeman Andy, De Vleeschauwer Annebel, Umoh J U.,