Sciensano & Coronavirus

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What role does Sciensano play?

Sciensano is the leading scientific institution in the epidemiology of infectious diseases. We describe the evolution of the epidemic and assess its consequences on the health of the Belgian population. At the request of the health authorities, Sciensano coordinates the drafting of the procedures for general practitioners, hospitals, patients and labs.

In addition, Sciensano coordinates the Risk Assessment Group (RAG), which assesses the risk and the effect of the measures.

The Scientific Committee coronavirus advises health authorities about the coronavirus. The committee provides scientific advice on the evolution of the virus and contributes to the preparation of our country for the coronavirus.

Draft procĂ©dures for general practitioners, hospitals, laboratories and patients

At the request of the Belgian health authorities, the Epidemiology of infectious diseases department drafts case definitions and procedures for general practitioners, hospitals, laboratories and patients. These protocols describe what measures everyone should take when there is a (suspected) case of the coronavirus in Belgium. 

Follow the epidemiological situation daily

The Epidemiology of infectious diseases department monitors the epidemiological situation of the coronavirus in Belgium on a daily basis. Sciensano has set up various surveillance systems. A team of scientists analyzes and interprets the collected data on a daily basis to support decision-making. The epidemiological website for the coronavirus is kept up to date every day.

Make recommendations and offer support for biosafety

The Biosafety and biotechnology service advises laboratories and authorities with recommendations on biosafety for laboratories that treat clinical samples or cultures of the new coronavirus. These recommendations are on the Belgian Biosafety Server website and are regularly updated.

Support the FPS Public Health and the National Crisis Center in their communication campaigns

The Communications service assists the cabinet of the minister of Health, the FPS Public Health and the National Crisis Center with their communication actions. The service assists them with the scientific expertise available within Sciensano. It also helps Sciensano’s scientific experts with their communication for the outside world.

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