TEHDAS - Joint Action Towards the European Health Data Space

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February 1, 2020
June 30, 2023

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In short

The Joint Action Towards the European Health Data Space (TEHDAS) is a two year initiative co-funded by the European Commission with support of 26 EU Member States. The aim of the project is to develop and promote concepts for sharing of data for citizens’ health, public health, as well as health research & innovation in Europe, and look into concepts necessary for the implementation of the European Health Data Space.

Project summary

The main objective of the European Health Data Space is to promote research and innovation at the EU level to improve the quality of healthcare and health systems. A special focus is to include citizens as it is their data which will be reused under this framework, respecting their rights and high security standards.

The launch of TEHDAS takes place just a few weeks after the publication of the EU ‘Data Governance Act’ (DGA) proposal. The objective of the latter is to “improve the conditions for data sharing in the internal market, by creating a harmonised framework for the exchange of such data”.

TEHDAS thus supports the implementation of the European Health Data Space by providing concepts for: Data governance structures, including functions and responsibilities of the relevant actors; Guidelines on using health data for research and policy making; Guidelines on Ethical Legal and Social issues in the European Health Data Space; Data quality framework encompassing semantic interoperability and FAIR principle; Guidelines for setting up the infrastructure architecture and technical interoperability of the European Health Data Space;  and economic models for sustainability.  

The  specific objectives of TEHDAS are:

  1. Producing elements and options for an (operational) framework and governance for the exchange and secondary use of health data between (European) countries, respecting the principles of transparency, trust,  FAIRness*, citizen empowerment and a common good.
  2. Provide solutions on quality, interoperability and fairification for the trustworthy secondary use of health and health care data with a view to fostering the digital transformation of the European health systems.
  3. Provide a catalogue of services to support the secondary use of health data across through the EHDS as well as the architecture and infrastructure options required to its deployment.
  4. Provide a European perspective to improving citizen capacity to engage with data and improve citizen trust in data sharing and strengthen the health data governance mechanisms at EU level and in the Member States relevant for cross-sector data use and for data use in the common sectoral data spaces.
  5. Ensure the sustainability and implementation of the proposals of the Joint Action by suggesting concrete ways to integrate them into the national and European health data landscape

*The FAIR data principles are: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable

Sciensano contributes to the TEHDAS Joint Action network through the following work packages (WPs):

  • WP4: Outreach engagement and sustainability (WP lead)
  • WP5: Sharing for health data (Task lead)
  • WP6: Excellence in data quality
  • WP7: Connecting the dots
  • WP8: iCitizen

More information is available on the TEHDAS project website

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