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March 1, 2021
August 30, 2023

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HealthyCloud is a Coordination and Support Action that will last for two years. HealthyCloud is composed of 21 partners from 10 EU countries, covering all fields of health data, from clinical trials and public health data to genomic data. The aim of this project is to identify the needs and challenges for the creation of a European Health Research and Innovation Cloud.

Project summary

The need for advances in health and biomedical sciences requires to perform health research timely, efficiently and oriented to high-quality results. Therefore, we need to access and use health data for more purposes than the one they were initially collected for. This would support translational, clinical, and epidemiological-population level research. In other words, to maximize the impact of health research, it is necessary to adopt best practices on how to efficiently manage health data.

HealthyCloud is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) that builds a ready-to-implement roadmap for the European Health Research and Innovation Cloud. It examines the feasibility of sharing individual level health data across different European countries for research purposes and identifies challenges and options to overcome these. 
The objectives of HealthyCloud are to:

  • establish a dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders to identify the needs, challenges and opportunities
  • provide options to overcome legal and administrative barriers for a borderless sharing of human health data in Europe
  • provide recommendations, guidelines and best practices to enable accessing, using and reusing of health data for better research outcomes across Europe within an ethically sound and legally compliant framework
  • promote the sustainable use of European capabilities on computational systems including both Cloud and High Performance Computing.

To facilitate the development of the final Strategic Agenda for the European Research and Innovation Cloud, HealthyCloud is organising Stakeholder forums with a broad number of stakeholders across the EU member states, the European Commission, and relevant regional, national and international initiatives. The HealthyCloud Stakeholder Forums invite representatives from healthcare providers, academia, industry, patients and citizens’ organizations, professional organizations and policy and decision-makers.

The following table is a representation of how the different activities within this project work in collaboration with the use cases in order to feed the knowledge gained into the Strategic Agenda.

Sciensano contributes to the HealthyCloud project through work packages (WPs):

  • WP3: Landscape analysis of available health data collections and evaluation of their FAIRness level (WP lead)
  • WP7: Use case on Cancer 

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