Sera from different age cohorts in Belgium show limited cross-neutralisation between the mumps vaccine and outbreak strains

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OBJECTIVES: Mumps used to affect children between two and 15 years old. The MMR (mumps-measles-rubella) vaccine is available with vaccine coverage rate of about 85% after two vaccine doses. Recently, new mumps outbreaks emerged in highly vaccinated populations and the causes for these new outbreaks are yet unknown. We tested if a difference in seroneutralising capacity against the vaccine and wild type viruses exists and if waning immunity could be detected. METHODS: In this study, 570 serum samples (age group 2-3y (N=96), 8-9y (N=95), 13-14y (N=94), 18-20y (N=96), 24-26y (N=92) an…

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