2023 Symposium on Infectious Diseases

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Thu, 11/05/2023 - 09:00 to 16:00

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Sciensano organises each year a scientific seminar about “Diagnostic and surveillance of infectious diseases”.

The seminar provides an up-to-date overview of various topics concerning infectious diseases such as surveillance, prevention, treatment and management of epidemics, at national and international level. It is aimed at any healthcare provider with an interest in infectious diseases: microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, hygienists, laboratory technicians, epidemiologists, public health personnel …

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More info ? Please contact ssid@sciensano.be (02/642.57.37).


08:30 Registration with walking breakfast & visit of stands

Session 1 | Chairs: Steven Callens (UGent) & Benoit Kabamba (UCLouvain) 

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09:00 Welcome address

09:15 PDF icon Current knowledge on monkeypox, laboratory tests, probable animal reservoir | C. Martin, Saint Pierre Brussels

09:45 PDF icon Sensoa & the Mpox: A timeline of interventions towards MSM | S. Vandeneynde, Sensoa

10:15 PDF icon Polio eradication: a protracted endgame | M. Van Ranst & E. Wollants, KULeuven

10:40 PDF icon Investigation into cases of hepatitis of unknown aetiology among young children | E. Thomson, university of Glasgow

11:10-11:40 Coffee break & visit of stands

Session 2 | Chairs: Lize Cuypers (UZLeuven) & Natalia Bustos Sierra (Sciensano)

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11:40 PDF icon Update on Covid-19 vaccination | I. Leroux-Roels, UGent

12:05 PDF icon Helicon project — social inequalities in COVID-related health outcomes | L. Van den Borre, Sciensano

12:35 PDF icon Impact of Covid-19 on healthcare associated infections | B. Catry, Sciensano

13:00-14:10 Lunch

Session 3 | Chairs: Thomas Demuyser (UZBrussel) & Tinne Lernout (Sciensano)

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14:10 PDF icon National cartography of water points for the presence of Vibrio spp. in Belgium | R. Sacheli, ULiège

14:20 PDF icon Climate change as a threat to health in Europe: focus on infectious diseases | E. Vanuytrecht, European Environment Agency

14:45 PDF icon Monitoring of Exotic mosquitoes in Belgium: results of 2022M. Hermy, Sciensano & W. Van Bortel, ITG

15:10 PDF icon Zoonotic risk of the circulating highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza viruses | M. Steensels, Sciensano

15:35 PDF icon Increase of invasive group A streptococcus infections | A. Botteaux, ULBruxelles

15:45 Closing address and end of seminar

Scientific posters


PDF icon A new data collection system for epilabo the network of sentinel laboratories.pdf

PDF icon A phase 2 randomized double-blind study to evaluate the safety tolerability and immunogenicity of a 21-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine v116 in adults (+ or =) 50 years.pdf

PDF icon A retrospective multicenter study on the efficacy durability and tolerability of bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir.pdf

PDF icon Age-standardised mortality rates related to viral hepatitis c in Belgium.pdf

PDF icon Burkholderia cepacia complex and other gram negative nonfermenters in Belgium 2012-2020PDF icon .pdf

PDF icon Clinical applications of rescue strategies in extensively drug-resistant HIV-1: a case report.pdf

PDF icon Comparison of Belgian COVID-19 mortality between epidemiological surveillance and death certificates for the year 2020.pdf

PDF icon Description of the undiagnosed HIV infection in 2020 in Belgium by key populations and urbanization level.pdf

PDF icon Diphtheria re-emergence in Europe and Belgium anno 2022.pdf

PDF icon Environmental detection of Pneumocystis jirovecii in different indoor settings highlights the potential role of children under 3 years and young adults transmission.pdf

PDF icon Evolution of severe obesity and associated-comorbidities in HIV-positive patients.pdf

PDF icon Factors underlying COVID-19 booster vaccine uptake among adults in Belgium.pdf

PDF icon Human botulism in Belgium: two atypical cases in 2022.pdf

PDF icon Immunogenicity and duration of protection after yellow fever vaccine in people living with human immunodeficiency virus: a systematic review.pdf

PDF icon Lifting disruption of invasive pneumococcal disease cases following the COVID-19 pandemic.pdf

PDF icon Molecular typing of enterovirus positive samples in 2022 confirms Echovirus 9 as most prevalent genotype in Belgium.pdf

PDF icon Monitoring of varicella trends in Belgium between 2017 and 2022 through Google trends.pdf

PDF icon PKSNA and efficacy against RSV MALRI from a phase 1b/2a study of the monoclonal antibody clesrovimab MK-1654 in infants.pdf

PDF icon Poliomyelitis surveillance in Belgium.pdf

PDF icon SARS-CoV-2ars-cov-2 surveillance in Belgian wastewaters.pdf

PDF icon Serotype distribution of non-invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae strains in Belgium 2020-2022: a prospective observational study.pdf

PDF icon Surveillance of respiratory pathogens through environmental air sampling and effectiveness of air purifiers.pdf

PDF icon The highest number of rotavirus positive samples ever received at the NRC UZ/KU Leuven during the season 2021-2022.pdf

PDF icon The Sciensano biobanks before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and opportunities.pdf

PDF icon Towards a new hera: developments to strengthen infectious diseases surveillance and pandemic preparedness.pdf

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Rue de la Régence 3
Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts
1000 Bruxelles


€ 90 (all day + lunch) | € 30 (online)


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