Acute gastroenteritis cost the Belgian economy hundreds of millions euros every year

A new study by the Belgian institute for health Sciensano estimates the annual cost of acute gastroenteritis for the Belgian economy at an amount comprised between 210 million and one billion euros. Higher than originally assumed, this estimate takes into account the direct and indirect costs of the disease for the entire population.

If you want an interview about the European drug report 2019, you should register beforehand!

6th of June 2019, the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA) launches the European drug report 2019. Therefore, our drug expert dr. Lies Gremeaux, won’t be available for last minute interviews at the Sciensano premises. Together with the European representatives of the EMCDDA dr. Gremeaux will attend the press conference at the Berlaymont building (European Commission), where she will answer your specific queries for Belgium.
If you would like to join the press conference and get an update on the European and Belgian statistics at first hand , you should register beforehand for the EMCDDA press conference!

Belgian frailty day


Demographic ageing is one of the most serious challenges that Europe is currently facing. Older people are at greater risk of  becoming frail and develop disability. However, since frailty is not an inevitable consequence of ageing, it can be prevented and treated to foster a longer and healthier life. Belgium participates in ADVANTAGE, the first EU Joint Action on Frailty.




Contact person: 
Johan Van der Heyden

New! Belgian Health Status Report available online

The Health Status Report combines the results of different sources to estimate how healthy the Belgian is. In general, the Belgian is rather healthy, but there are some areas of improvement. In addition, there are significant inequalities, both regionally and socio-economically.
The online report is based on the most recent data and will be continuously updated with the results of new studies, so that health policy makers can develop policies on a continuous basis, based on current needs.

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