Elucidation of the metabolic pathway of fluorene and cometabolic pathways of phenanthrene, fluoranthene, anthracene and dibenzothiophene by Sphingomonas sp. LB126.

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The metabolic pathway of the PAH fluorene and the cometabolic pathway of the PAHs phenanthrene, fluoranthene, anthracene and dibenzothiophene in Sphingomonas sp. LB126 were examined. To our knowledge this is the first study on the cometabolic degradation of the three-ring PAHs phenanthrene, anthracene and the four-ring PAH fluoranthene by a fluorene-utilizing species. Metabolism of fluorene was shown to proceed via the 9-fluorenone pathway to form o-phthalic acid and protocatechuic acid. The cometabolic mono-hydroxylation found for phenanthrene, fluoranthene and anthracene shows similarity …

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