Lead migration from ceramicware in contact with foodstuff: effect of glaze, temperature, pH and food simulant

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Lead (Pb) release from non-conforming flatwares and artisanal hollowwares was measured by ICP-AES. Influence ofacidic beverages (tomato juice, vinegar and lemon juice), food simulants (acetic acid, citric acid, and malic acid) at pH (2.37-5.00),contact time (t) (30 min-2 days), temperature (T) (20 °C-90 °C), and glaze were investigated. Pb release was lowest in tomato juiceand highest in lemon juice (t = 24 h; T = 22 °C). In acetic acid 4% (v/v) Pb release was 14% less than in lemon juice. Variabilitybetween the flatwares used for experiments in lemon juice and acetic acid 4% (v/v) correspo…

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