Metagenomic sequencing determines complete infectious bronchitis virus (avian Gammacoronavirus) vaccine strain genomes and associated viromes in chicken clinical samples.

Last updated on 13-1-2022 by Elisabeth Mathijs

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Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV, genus Gammacoronavirus) causes an economically important and highly contagious disease in chicken. Random primed RNA sequencing was applied to two IBV positive clinical samples and one in ovo-passaged virus. The virome of a cloacal swab pool was dominated by IBV (82% of viral reads) allowing de novo assembly of a GI-13 lineage complete genome with 99.95% nucleotide identity to vaccine strain 793B. In addition, substantial read counts (16% of viral reads) allowed the assembly of a near-complete chicken astrovirus genome, while lower read counts identified th…

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