RNA sequencing of avian paramyxovirus (Paramyxoviridae, Avulavirinae) isolates from wild mallards in Belgium, 2021: complete genomes and coinfections.

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We used untargeted RNA sequencing to characterize three Avulavirinae isolates from pooled samples obtained from wild mallards in Belgium in 2021. The complete genome sequences of two avian Orthoavulavirus-1 (AOAV-1) strains and one avian Paraavulavirus-4 (APMV-4) strain were determined confirming hemagglutination inhibition testing of the virus isolates. In addition, the applied sequencing strategy identified an avian influenza virus (AIV) coinfection in all three virus isolates, confirming weak-positive AIV realtime RT-PCR results from the original sample material. In one AOAV-1 isolate, p…

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