Three Different Routes of Inoculation for Experimental Infection with Schmallenberg Virus in Sheep.

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Schmallenberg virus (SBV) is an emerging Orthobunyavirus affecting European domestic ruminants. In this study, three groups of ewes (n = 3) were inoculated with 1 ml of an SBV infectious serum, via the subcutaneous (SC), intradermal (ID) or intranasal (IN) route. The ewes were monitored for 10 days and no clinical signs were reported. IN inoculation failed to generate any detectable RNAemia. SC and ID inoculation induced typical SBV RNAemia and seroconversion upon day 6 post-inoculation in 3/3 and ⅔ sheep, respectively. In all the animals that showed RNAemia, the viral genome could be det…

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