In vitro antigenotoxic activity, in silico ADME prediction and protective effects against aflatoxin B1 induced hepatotoxicity in rats of an Erythrina latissima stem bark extract

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Stem bark of Erythrina latissima E. Mey (Leguminosae) contains a wide range of prenylated flavonoids able to counteract the genotoxic properties of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1). Thus, the hypothesis was raised that E. latissima stem bark extracts (ELBE) may counteract the in vivo hepatotoxic effects of aflatoxins, contaminants in food and feed. An HPLC-DAD method was developed and validated to determine the level of flavonoid aglycones (11.82%) and glycosides (16.17%). ADME, pharmacokinetic and drug-likeness assessment of major flavonoids of ELBE, using the web tool SwissADME, showed good oral bioav…

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