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Low-dose hydroxychloroquine therapy and mortality in hospitalised patients with COVID-19: a nationwide observational study of 8075 participants

Delmarcelle, Didier; Delvallee, Mélanie; Demeester, Rémy; Dugernier, Thierry; Holemans, Xavier; Kerzmann, Benjamin; Yves Machurot, Pierre; Minette, Philippe; Minon, Jean-Marc; Mokrane, Saphia; Nachtergal, ...

High uptake of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) during early roll-out in Belgium: results from surveillance reports

Edwinne; Goffard, Jean-Christophe; Allard, Sabine D.; Florence, Eric; Demeester, Rémy; S. Callens; Laga, Marie Source: Sexual Health, Volume 16, Issue 1 (2019) Keywords: HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis ...

Factors associated with the continuum of care of HIV-infected patients in Belgium.

Vandercam, Bernard; Van Ranst, Marc; Van Wijngaerden, Eric; Vandekerckhove, Linos; Verhofstede, Chris; Verbrugge, Ruth; Demeester, Rémy; De Wit, Stéphane; Florence, Eric; Fransen, Katrien; Delforge, ...

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