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Analysis of illegal peptide biopharmaceuticals frequently encountered by controlling agencies.

MS / MS) for the identification of counterfeit and illegal injectable peptide preparations, extended with a subsequent quantification method using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with ...

Development and validation of a fast chromatographic method for screening and quantification of legal and illegal skin whitening agents.

development and validation of an ultra high pressure liquid chromatographic (UHPLC) method is described. The proposed method makes use of a Waters Acquity BEH shield RP18 column with a gradient using 25 mM ...

A validated Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatographic method for the characterisation of confiscated illegal slimming products containing anorexics.

A fully validated UHPLC- DAD method for the identification and quantification of pharmaceutical preparations, containing molecules frequently found in illegal slimming products (sibutramine, modafinil, ...

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