Comparison of the Clinical Accuracy of Xpert HPV Assay on Vaginal Self-Samples and Cervical Clinician-Taken Samples within the VALHUDES Framework.

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The accuracy of high-risk human papillomavirus testing with the Xpert HPV assay on vaginal self-samples was compared with clinician-taken samples within the VALidation of HUman papillomavirus assays and collection DEvices for Self-samples and urine samples (VALHUDES) framework. Five-hundred and twenty-three women were recruited in five Belgian colposcopy clinics, of whom 483 (median age, 40 years; interquartile range, 31 to 49 years) were included in the main analysis (226 collected with Evalyn Brush and 257 collected with Qvintip). Cervical samples were collected with Cervex-Brush. Colposc…

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