Invasive Salmonella Infections at Multiple Surveillance Sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2011-2014.

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BACKGROUND: This study reports the microbiological landscape of Salmonella Typhi and invasive nontyphoidal Salmonella (iNTS) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).METHODS: Blood cultures obtained from hospital-admitted patients suspected of bloodstream infection (BSI) in 4 of 11 provinces in DRC (Kinshasa, Bas-Congo, Equateur, and Orientale) were processed. Sampling had started in 2007; the results for the period 2011-2014 are reported.RESULTS: Salmonella Typhi and iNTS were cultured from 194 (1.4%) and 840 (5.9%), respectively, of 14,110 BSI episodes and ranked first among BSI path…

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