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Development of a real-time PCR method for the genoserotyping of Salmonella Paratyphi B variant Java., Gand, Mathieu, Mattheus Wesley, Assia Saltykova, Nancy Roosens, Dierick Katelijne, Marchal Kathleen, De Keersmaecker Sigrid, and Bertrand Sophie , Appl Microbiol Biotechnol, 2019 Jun, Volume 103, Issue 12, (2019)
Epidemiologische surveillance van invasieve meningokokkeninfecties - 2018, Jacquinet, S., Mattheus Wesley, Adrien Lajot, and Chloé Wyndham-Thomas , 2019, Brussels, (2019)
Infoblad meningokokkeninfecties 2019 (T4), Mattheus, Wesley , None, 2019, Brussels, (2019)
Listeria surveillance in Belgium, Van den Bossche, An, and Mattheus Wesley , ISOPOL, 09/2019, Issue International Symposium on Problems with Listeria and Listeriosis, Toronto, Canada, (2019)
Shifting national surveillance of Shigella infections toward geno-serotyping by the development of a tailored Luminex assay and NGS workflow., Eleonora, Ventola, Bert Bogaerts, De Keersmaecker Sigrid C. J., Kevin Vanneste, Roosens Nancy, Mattheus Wesley, and Pieter-Jan Ceyssens , Microbiologyopen, 2019 Mar 28, (2019)
Surveillance épidémiologique des infections invasives à méningocoques - 2018, Stéphanie, Jacquinet, Mattheus Wesley, Adrien Lajot, and Chloé Wyndham-Thomas , Bruxelles, (2019)
Validation of a Bioinformatics Workflow for Routine Analysis of Whole-Genome Sequencing Data and Related Challenges for Pathogen Typing in a European National Reference Center: as a Proof-of-Concept., Bert, Bogaerts, Raf Winand, Qiang Fu, Julien Van Braekel, Pieter-Jan Ceyssens, Mattheus Wesley, Bertrand Sophie,